Use Gmail in China without VPN

Use Outlook or other apps to connect your Gmail in China

In your Outlook, open File-Account Settings. Create a new account in the dialogue window. (The setting will be similar if you use other apps)

Select Manual setup or additional server types in the next dialogue window.

Select POP/IMAP in the next dialogue window.

Enter your account information and server information as below:

Server information:

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:

After setting the aforementioned information, you need to fill some other information by clicking More settings.

In the new dialogue window, switch to the Outgoing server tab, and tick My outgoing server requires authentication.

Besides, also remember to switch to the Advanced tab, and fill the port numbers and select the connection types as below (REMEMBER to choose SSL as the secure type):

Incoming server: 993

Type of connection: SSL

Outgoing server: 465 or 587

Type of connection: SSL

If all your settings are correct, Outlook will be able to send a test email through your mail.(It is a bit strange that the test email cannot be sent sometimes, and you can try several more times if you encounter such situation.)


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