How To Mount Google Drive To Your WeCloud (NextCloud / OwnCloud)

Step 1 Register your WeCloud account here

Step 2 Add an external storage in your WeCloud

After login to WeCloud, open the Personal page and add a line in External Storage section. We will get the Client ID and Client secret from Google using our Google account in the next step.

Step 3 Create a new project in your Google API Console

Login to your Google account on and create a new project.

Step 4 Enable the Drive API for this project

This is very important. If you do not enable the Drive API, you cannot access your Google Drive in WeCloud.

Step 5 Create a credential for this project

After enabling the Drive API for the new project, go to the Credentials tab, and create a new credential for OAuth Client ID. Follow the instruction to configure consent screen first. Then create the Client ID as a Web application with the following settings:

Authorized JavaScript origins:

Authorized redirect URIs (Very important):

Step 6 Fill the Client ID and Client Secret information in WeCloud

If you have created the credential successfully, you will get a pair of Client ID and Client Secret. Copy this information and paste them into the setting of your new external storage in WeCloud (Personal -> External Storage)

Step 7 Grant access to your Google Drive

After filling the information, click the Grant access button. It will redirect to a authorization page provided by Google, and you need to allow this authorization to finish the setting process. Now, you can enjoy your Google drive in WeCloud, which can be accessed in Mainland China without a VPN.

Similarly, you can also setup your Gmail account under the Mail tab. The instruction for using Gmail in China without a VPN is here.


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