Nolli Maker 2.0

Once being an architect, I am always passionate about maps as they can tell many interesting stories. Google Maps has always been a powerful tool to conduct site, landscape, and transportation analysis. However, Google Maps is primarily designed for web use but not physical presentation, while for many cases architects still need to print their posters, decks, and drawings out for presentation, which requests a high resolution for all the images.

Therefore, when I was working on a site analysis for a coastline design project, I coded this software to assist with my spatial analysis.

The software is very easy to use, and the user interface is very intuitive. Users just need to do the following steps to get the maps they need:

  1. Select the type of map to be downloaded;
  2. Select the map area;
  3. Select the scale level – the higher scale is, the higher resolution/more details the map will have;
  4. [Optional] Select the number of download threads – 4 is default and recommended;
  5. [Optional] Select the download server – China or Non-China servers;
  6. Select the save path;
  7. Click “Start”.

Besides downloading maps, the software can also download the contours (elevations) of the selected area. Just click “Generate contour”, and you will get a .DXF file with the generated contours.

Get the latest version of the software here (for Windows only):

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need any help. Always happy to assist!

Software screenshot
Map of South Bay Area (Style: Satellite)
Map of South Bay Area (Style: Topography)
Map of South Bay Area (Style: Custom)
Map of South Bay Area (Style: Custom)
Screenshot of the .DXF file with the elevation information of South Bay Area (Style: custom)



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  • I have downloaded the software on my windows laptop, but it is not generating the maps, when it says merging tiles it crashes. Please help me resolve this. I really want to use this to create maps.

  • I have downloaded this software on my windows laptop, but it crashes while merging tiles. Also i am not able to change the location in this, it is saying error in syntax. Even i am an architect and want to create different styles of maps. Please help me resolve this.

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