Closing Mark of the Two-year Journey

Since my middle school, I have always been grateful for all the resources and opportunities that I received. I deeply understand that nobody has the responsibility to help me, while a lot of people have provided me with their time, knowledge, and other valuable resources selflessly.

Without the generosity of Laura Cha, I might not be able to finish my MBA degree at Yale. Without the opportunities offered by my friends at OurCrowd, I would never find the best way to enable social changes. Without the help from every classmate around me, I would not get out from the huge pressures. Seriously, I am very lucky.

I am also proud of myself for being clear about what I want, at my early 30s. It is always easy to follow the majority, while it is also risky to do so. Knowing what you really want is the most challenging thing in one’s life. The earlier you figure it out, the more time you can spend on working towards it. When you have learned about what you really want, you will never care about what the others get – you know you have different goals, and you can only compete with yourself. With the help from many people, I made it clear to myself about where I need to go.

Recalling the application essay for my MBA, I still believe the “biggest commitment” question is the best one that I’ve ever seen. At the end of the journey, I reflected for a while and asked myself if I am still committed to my original goal? My answer is yes. I still believe the world is not a zero-sum game, and we can get financially rewarded when helping the poor people. Most importantly, if I go with the evil, the ones manipulating and suppressing people, I will just waste my life – the most valuable asset I have.


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