Where Next to Invest for Computer Vision Startups

As computer vision has almost become a “commodity” technology, startups in this space could no longer build a high market barrier with the fundamental technology (or a bit improvement in algorithm/performance). Instead, choosing the right application and going to the market fast will become the advantages of startups in this space. Therefore, market size and competition level become the first-to-ask question when investors evaluate opportunities based on computer vision technologies.

Purpose: The purpose of this research is to identify the applications of the computer vision technology for which the specific market has not become saturated while is still big enough.


  1. The fundamental computer vision technology is almost a commodity. Therefore, it will be difficult for companies to use a value-based pricing model. Instead, companies would more likely use a market pricing model – namely competition-based pricing model.
  2. Most of the computer vision companies will be serving businesses instead of individuals directly. Therefore, it is more likely that companies will charge on an account basis instead of a usage basis. However, it is not always the case, and there can be some tiered pricing for different accounts based on usage.
  3. PitchBook has covered most of the relevant startups.

Please see the Google Doc or PDF Version here.


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