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When I first joined Plug and Play Ventures, I realized that we would usually source startups from several common databases – PitchBook, CBInsights, Crunchbase, Angellist, Start-up Nation Finder, and the Funding Roundup spreadsheet. Most likely, what we would do now and then is searching with the same keywords and using the same filters with different databases.

Why not auto this manual job to save our valuable time? We’re not paid to do this manual data collection job.

With this idea in mind, I self-initiated this secret project and finished the MVP in about 1 week. By setting different keywords for different verticals (e.g. InsurTech, FinTech, Mobility, IoT, etc.) in the back end and automatically pulling out the results, I built this real-time new startup database for 15 different verticals at Plug and Play Ventures.

Beyond the basic sourcing function, I built in more tools into this platform when I noticed more jobs could easily be automated (I am a very lazy person). For example, a portfolio management ticketing and update tracking system. For another example, a match meeting scheduling system for our corporate partners and the relevant startups.

Essentially, this platform becomes a very helpful tool that dramatically improves my sourcing productivity and enables me to focus my time on the most important things.

This is the beauty of doing the things you love, working with a small team with a lot of freedom, and making big impacts from innovating small things. Feel free to try out here (Open to PNP employees only):

Login page
Most recent new startups
Early-stage deals made by star VCs
Portfolio management ticketing system
Portfolio company dashboard
New update from portfolio company
Match meeting scheduling tool


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