Theme-based Crypto Performance Tracking Platform

During my research of cryptos, I noticed that no website provides statistics data of cryptos based on themes (e.g. privacy, gambling, IoT, healthcare, etc.). However, a theme-based crypto performance tracking platform can be super helpful in finding out the outperforming categories of cryptos.

For example, everyone knows that the total market cap of the crypto market dropped 85%+ in 2018. However, that was not the case for every coin or crypto category.

In this article, you can see a detailed analysis that identified the outperforming crypto categories in 2018.

To address the problem of lacking tools for category performance analysis, I developed a platform that categorizes cryptos based on information from CryptoSlate and gathers market data from Coin Market Cap.

Everyone is more than welcome to use this platform to conduct research on cryptos. Please feel free to let me know if you encounter any difficulty when using the platform.

The platform can be accessed here:

Some screenshots of the platform:


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